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A List Of Authors And Their Web Sites As Well As Links To Purchase Any Books You Need Online.

How To Use This Page: Find The Author You Are Looking For And Click On His/Her Name. If I Have Found A Good Site For This Author I Will Have It Listed On Their Page. Books That Are Available At Amazon.com or Amazon.Co.UK By This Author Will Have A Link Next To Them For You To Click If You Are Interested In Purchasing Them.

Tom Clancy

Michael Crichton

Clive Cussler

Frederick Forsyth

John Grisham

Jack Higgins

Stephen King

Anne Rice

Wilbur Smith

- This is a huge site I have created personally. If you have never read one of Wilbur Smith's twenty-six novels you are in for a real treat. Just give this a try: Go to your local used book store and grab a copy of 'River God' by Wilbur Smith. If you don't like it, you have spent very little money and you can even turn it back in next time you go back. Personally, I don't think you will ever turn it in. I think you will cherish this purchase for a very long time. Millions of fans around the globe think Wilbur Smith is by far the best author listed on this page.

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