Wilbur Smith Trivia ('River God') - 10/27/1998

..These are the answers to the trivia questions which were asked from 10/98 through 2/99. Let's see how you did!

The first three questions are the easiest and the last three are the hardest and worth more points.

First Set 1 point each.

1. Lanata

2. Arrow

3. Akh-Seth

Second Set (a bit harder) 2 points each.

4. Patience

5. Gnu fever (yellow strangler)

6. Starved herself

Third Set (toughies) 3 points each.

7. Ancestors

8. Elephant

9. Three

Bonus (Tie Breaker - Only two people have ever answered this question right) 1 point.

10. track of the oryx

Hall of Fame

1st place - S. Todd Bartrim - 19 Points

(Outstanding - Only The Second Perfect Score!!)

1st place - William Smith - 19 Points

(Very Nice - William Aced It First!!)

3rd place - Mark Bieri - 18 Points

(All But The Bonus - I never thought this score would fall!)

3rd place - Katy Brideau - 18 Points

(The last great score to be compiled!)