FAQ and E-Mail


-----As you can imagine I get a lot of E-Mail sent to me concerning Wilbur Smith and his novels. It seems I get asked the same questions over and over. Hopefully someone has already asked your question and I can answer your query on this page./h2>

-----Question: Is the list of books on your page in the order in which they were published (chronological)?

-----Answer: The books are not in the order in which they were released. Instead I have put them close to the order in which they should be read. The Courtney and Ballantyne lists are in order by the year the stories occur. The rest of the novels are in order by when they were released.

-----Question: I am searching for a particular Wilbur Smith novel. Where can I find it?

-----Answer: About half of Smith's novels are out-of-print in the U.S., meaning that the book company may reprint in the future but currently have none in stock, but you can find just about every WS novel in the UK. All of the available books have links next to them on my page which say 'Buy Me' and can be purchased safely and quickly from Amazon.com or Amazon.Co.UK. If you are not interested in purchasing online, finding the books is going to be more of a challenge. It took me 2 years to complete my set of Wilbur Smith novels. I found most of them at local used book exchange stores, but some of them I really had to search for. 'A Sparrow Falls' was by far my toughest find. Hard covers are almost impossible here in the U.S.A. where I live, but I am told they can be found in Europe, Africa, and Austrailia in the book exchanges. There is going to be a re-release of some hardcover novels next year. I believe all of Wilbur Smith's novels are now available at least in paperback online through one of the Amazon sites.

-----Question: When is Wilbur Smith's next novel due to arrive and what will it be about?

-----Answer: Wilbur released a new book in March of 1999 called 'Monsoon'. He is in the habit of releasing a new book every two years so don't look for the next one until sometime in 2001.

-----Question: Have you ever met Wilbur Smith?

-----Answer: No, I have not met him, but I am told by his European agent that he has taken a look at and approved of this web site. Of course that does not compare with actually meeting Wilbur Smith, but it does make the years of work I have put into this site seem a lot more worthwhile.

-----Question: Can I rely on Amazon.com when buying my novels?

-----Answer: I have bought a few books from Amazon.com and have never had any problem. In 1997 Amazon upgraded to a secure server. You do not have to worry about anyone getting your credit card information, it is as safe as making any other any other credit purchase. I have only heard one complaint and that deals with the stiff extra charge which is added to books which are shipped overseas from Amazon. Watch out for that additional fee.

-----Question: I have a different question. How do I get in touch with you?

-----Answer: Any questions/comments can be entered in the comments section of the survey page. Please use that form to send your remarks.