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Just Finished Reading The Screenplay For 'Eagle in the Sky'

'Eagle' is due to be produced this year and released sometime next year. Some changes have been made to modernize and make the novel more exciting and less mushy, but I think it is a great interpretation of the story. Some of the parts had to be changed to please cooperating governments, and others to appeal to an American (where it is to be first released) audience. For instance, David is a U.S. Air Force Pilot in the movie version. I have also learned of the making of 'The Diamond Hunters' in the year 2001. I think Wilbur Smith is finally due to take the big screen by storm and convert a lot of new fans. See below for more movie information.

'Seventh Scroll' Put On Film

(See The Results Below For The Wilbur Smith Novel Visitors To This Page Would Most Like To See Made Into A Movie)

I have confirmed information from two of the wonderful visitors to the Wilbur Smith page that 'Seventh Scroll' has been filmed earlier this year in Morocco. According to Jette Villemoes, who visited this page from Denmark, the movie will star Jeff Fahey. Melanie sends a second confirmation and news that the movie was produced by the German production company KirchGroup. Inquiries stemming from these contributions turned up the following information provided by Wilbur Smith's agent, Martin Pick.


Nicholas: Jeff Fahey

Royan: Karina Lombard

Duraid: Tony Mutante

Schiller: Roy Scheider

Mamose: Edmund Purdom

Taita: Art Malik

Director: Kevin Connor

Producer: Ciro Ippolito

Other Info

The movie has been made for TV and is now being edited. It is scheduled to be screened sometime in 2000, so it probably won't be seen by anyone for quite a while. It is going to include flashbacks to ancient Egypt in the form of portions from 'River God'. Another Wilbur Smith great, 'Cry Wolf', is going to be filmed in 2000 and will star David Hasselhoff. I will be sure to put updates here as they arrive. That is every piece of inside information I have for now, I can't even tell you what language the movies will be in so you will have to be patient with me. Keep checking back for updates, I still have inquiries out there waiting to be answered and will post any new findings when I receive replies.

Results of the last survey: Which Wilbur Smith novel would make the best movie?

1st (25%) 'River God' - Of course, this book always wins every question.

2nd (9%) tie - 'Sunbird' - The surprising runner-up.

2nd (9%) tie - 'Birds of Prey' - Would be a great movie.

4th (8%) 'The Seventh Scroll' - A wish I can actually grant.

5th (6%) tie - 'The Burning Shore' - One of the best.

5th (6%) tie - 'A Time to Die' - Came on strong at the end.

7th (5.5%) - 'The Lion Feeds' - Always a favorite.

8th (5%) - 'Hungry as the Sea' - My choice.

9th (5%) - 'Elephant Song' - A popular novel.

Others receiving votes: 'Men of Men', 'Eye of the Tiger', 'Golden Fox', 'A Sparrow Falls', 'Eagle in the Sky', 'A Falcon Flies'. No others had more than 2 votes (131 votes total).

Hardback's To Be Released

A selection of Wilbur Smith hardcover books will be re-released sometime soon. The publisher, Macmillan UK, will bring out these hardcovers one or two at a time and is currently trying to calculate what demand will be like for these novels. I will send updates such as which books will be released when, and how to purchase them in my newsletter. Sign up for the letter on theSurvey Page.

Please Help This Page Prosper

Wilbur Smith's amazing stories have meant more to me than I could ever have imagined possible. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to pay him back for some of his contributions to my life by creating this Web Page. Now you can help also. Please place a link to the Wilbur Smith Web Page on your personal web site and I will place a link back to your page. I am on pace to receive over 10,000 visitors to this site this year and want to try to double that figure. When I receive a few links back to here I am going to be giving rewards out to outstanding sites which help to promote this page. Click Here to copy the HTML needed to place on your page.