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-----The Why: I know you feel it. You can tell me I am wrong, but I would not believe you. There is something that has drawn us together. You have not even tried to deny it, but you cannot admit it either. It is OK to let me know, I still will not have any expectations. We have both made our decisions in life and have to live with them, good or bad. That does not mean we donít have feelings and emotions for other people. We would not be the type of people we are without them. WellÖ I did not mean to say all that, I meant to tell you why. They say opposites attract. In the case of me and my wife it is true. We are totally opposite in almost every way. This keeps life interesting, but it does not give us much in common. We donít like the same people, we donít believe in the same things, we donít like the same foods, music, activities, and we generally donít have much to talk about. I do not think my wife and I understand each other and this makes it difficult to communicate and console sometimes. We are great friends though and luckily we are both caring enough that we can provide what each other needs. You and I, however, are the same in so many ways. I do not know you as well as I would like, but the things I do know are hauntingly familiar. I think if we got to know each other better we would find out deep down we have the same hates, fears, loves, emotions, insecurities, and maybe even dreams. Intellectually you are brilliant. You would make a great programmer. Your sense of humor is warped and I can make you laugh (which is not all that common, typically I have to amuse myself with my jokes). You are articulate, competent, and caring. We would have so much to talk about and understand each other so well. There are other things, but this sums it all up pretty well. I will talk to you in a while.