A Time To Die

-----This review was sent in to me in April, 1999 by 14 year old Lauren Lablache de Charmoy, a huge Wilbur fan. She lives in the same province where Wilbur Smith was born and educated. I hope you enjoy her review

-----Wilbur Smith portrays Africa in its saddest time...a time of war, a time to die! He creates an astute blend of fact and fiction composing an interesting combination of adventure, drama, suspense and romance slinging you head first into the perils and woe of the devastatingly beautiful continent...Africa.

-----Sean Courtney is a very unique yet vivid character. His history shows a life of sadness, betrayal, great losses and lies! These problems definitely had an impact on his personality. Now, determined as ever to make his life one of success yet enjoyment, he becomes a Game Ranger. He lives in a dream, one which he has to wake up from. When he finds himself stuck in the middle of Mozambique during a barbaric civil war Seans' strong- willed character shines through, his determination and will to live still remain undeniable. His love for life is truly sensational and his understanding of it is indescribable. His trust is not easily given as it has been broken to many times. To try and control his domineering nature would be precarious and to threaten the things most important to him would be even more so.

-----The abundance of messages expressed during this book was unmeasurable but the one message that came through basically throughout the entire book would have to be that if you are determined and put your mind to something you truly believe in, anything is possible.

-----If I were to tell you that "A Time to Die"was the most intriguing and exciting book I've ever read, it would be the irrefutable, undeniable truth. I have no criticisms to make about this books contents. All the ends were tied up adeptly and the metaphors he uses are truly meritorious. It is evident that the writer took a tremendous amount of time and effort to write this book. His effort I would have to say, proved very successful in my eyes.

A Time To Die, Wilbur Smith. Published by Pan Book. 1989.