The Courtneys

The Courtney Story

-----The story of the Courtneys is one of wonder and enchantment. The characters are vivid and expresive, their lives are exciting and full of twists and turns.

-----These novels start in the 1800's with the lives and trials of Garrick and Sean Courtney. As you read about these children it is hard to imagine how important the lives of these two boys and the generations to follow will be, but you will be along for the ride all the way up until modern times. Wilbur Smith does an exceptional job of bringing the traditions, hardships, and lifestyles of the years to life, and provides a deep understanding of the struggles confronting the people of the time.

-----You will journey with the Courtneys through civil, personal, and world wars. Travelling with Sean and his decendants through the interior of Africa, hunting for elephant, lion, and even humans in the most exciting writing style I've ever read. You will travel with Africa's leaders and watch as the country is molded into the nation of torment that it is today. Make sure you don't have anything else to do as you travel through the desert in search of water and join in the struggle between the native Africans and the invading white man, because you won't be able to put the book down.

-----Make sure to check out Wilbur Smith's many exciting novels for these adventures and many more.