Who is the world's best author after Wilbur Smith?

....I received many different responses to this question, but was surprised to learn that one of my favorite authors after Wilbur Smith is so well loved around the world. Clive Cussler took first in this survey, taking almost 40% of the votes. If you have never had the chance to read Cussler's novels, you are missing out on Dirk Pitt. Who? Dirk Pitt is the main character in most if not all of Clive Cussler's books, and is very James Bond like, only he works mostly in and around oceans, rivers and lakes. I think if you liked 'Hungry as the Sea' (and who didn't) you will really enjoy Cussler's stories. Of course, you'll have to wait until you finish all 26 of Wilber's novels first :) Other authors receiving votes: Clancy, McMurtary, Ludlum, Cornwell, S. King, Follet, Grisham, and Hemingway. I would add Crichton to the list, I loved 'Jurassic Park' and 'Lost World'.

Where are visitors to The Wilbur Smith Page from?

....The only thing that can be determined from the answers I received to this question is that Wilbur Smith is loved worldwide. Most of my responses were from Austrailia and the United States, but I received visitors from all over the globe.

....Here is a list of countries that sent in responses: Finland, Norway, Portugal, Czeck Republic, Uruguay, India, Columbia, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, Italy (lots of Italian fans), Canada, Hungry, England, France, Denmark, Austrailia, and Mexico. If you are a visitor from a country not listed here, I'd like to know and add your country to this list. Please E-mail me or fill out the form on the main Wilbur Smith page if so.

How many Wilbur Smith books has the average visitor read?

....I received many responses to this question and was very surprised at how many visitors replied that they had read all of Wilbur's books, more than 1/3 of you.

....Wilbur Smith fans are very dedicated to his novels and have read, on average, 15 books by Wilbur. That is well over 1/2 of the books he has written.

Who is your favorite Wilbur Smith character?

....Well, I must admit, I knew who would come out on top with this question. Not only is Taita my favorite character also, but I believe he may be the most colorful character ever created. So yes, Taita did win, receiving almost 40% of the votes, but what really surprised me was how well Sean Courtney did. I guess it just shows how very knowledgeable and dedicated Wilbur's fans really are. I think if 'When the Lion Feeds' had been released recently, Sean would have given Taita a run for his money. Sean received 25% of the responses and was the only character besides Taita to receive more than 2 votes.

....Other favorite characters to receive votes:

Is 'River God' based on true events?

Responses Received From Questionnaire

....To read Wilbur's own views on 'River God' check out this interview.

....Most of the 'Yes' answers replied that with the meticulous research that went into all of his other books, 'River God' would be a true story. Others replied that they loved the book so much that it would break their heart if it were made up.

....Almost half of the answers were definitely 'No'. Many of these answers were from visitors who thought the story just too incredible to be true, but a few were based on knowledge of the area, times, and cultures. I had a few historians answer, all of them 'No', based on the fact that Ethiopia at the time had no advanced civilization at all, and the back half of the book was entirely fictional.

....Partly seemed to be the cop-out answer, although it seems to me it was the most correct. I have researched the answer to this myself, and it seems that many of the events did actually happen, although, like Royan comments in 'The Seventh Scroll', Smith used his poetic license throughout the novel to keep readers enthralled. I tend to agree with this answer.

....There may not be a right or wrong answer here, and it seems that only Wilbur himself knows for sure. If you happen to have more proof to the actual answer please E-Mail Me with your comments.

....Thanks for all the responses.