Wilbur Smith Trivia ('River God') - 05/06/1999

..Thanks for coming and trying out my Wilbur Smith ('River God') trivia. This is the second set of 'River God' trivia questions. The first set was up here for five months and only two visitors answered them all correctly. When you are done with these if you are still anxious for more you can take a look at the first set of questions here. I have the answers posted for those so you can score yourself. 'River God' is a great book to ask questions from. Everyone who visits the page seems to have read it and the questions that I can ask from it are endless. I will start the scoring over and post the best scores as I receive them. Good Luck!

Please Include your name and Email address when sending me the answers. The first three questions are the easiest and the last three are the hardest and worth more points. Simply press Send at the bottom of the page when you have answered all you can.



First Set 1 point each.

1. What did Lostris ask from her father as a wedding gift?

2. Name one of Lostris' daughters.

3. How many alabaster jars hold the scrolls which this book (hypothetically) is written on?

Second Set (a bit harder) 2 points each.

4. Name the girl Tanus fell in love with when Taita was captured.

5. Who is responsible for the death of Tanus' father?

6. Who was the last of the condemned to die on the day of Basti's execution?

Third Set (toughies) 3 points each.

7. Name the powder Taita gave Lostris when ordered to poison her.

8. Name the two figures represented on pharaoh's crown.

9. What was the phrase used to describe a chariot wheel breaking?

Bonus (Tie Breaker) 1 point.

10. What was described as being like 'the uncoiling of some gigantic python'?

1st place - Emily Hall - 19 points

(Not Only A Perfect Score, But She Pointed Out An Error In The Questions. Now That Is 'River God' Knowledge!)

2nd place - S. Todd Bartrim - 18 points

(Outstanding - All Except The Bonus!!)

3rd place - Angelhawk - 15 points

(2 out of 3 Three Pointers!!)