Wilbur Smith Trivia ('River God') - 10/27/1998

..These are the trivia questions which were asked from 10/98 through 2/99. Only 4 people answered all of the questions correctly, and only 2 of those 4 answered the bonus question correctly. You can give these a try and see how many of them you can answer. After you finish as many as you can, go to the answer page to see how you did. Good Luck!

The first three questions are the easiest and the last three are the hardest and worth more points.

First Set 1 point each.

1. What is the name of the bow Tanus wields?

2. What weapon kills Pharaoh Mamose?

3. What was the leader of the Shrikes called?

Second Set (a bit harder) 2 points each.

4. Name the first horse Taita ever rode.

5. What killed the first horse Taita ever rode?

6. What did Lostris do to cause her miscarriage?

Third Set (toughies) 3 points each.

7. What did Shilluk people believe the crocodile represented?

8. What was suspended from Memnon's Gold of Valor?

9. How many times had Intef received the Gold of Praise?

Bonus (Tie Breaker - Only two people have ever answered this question right) 1 point.

10. What was described as being 'the shape of a Hyksos spear-head'?

To See The Answers To These Questions Click Here.

Hall of Fame

1st place - S. Todd Bartrim - 19 Points

(Outstanding - Only The Second Perfect Score!!)

1st place - William Smith - 19 Points

(Very Nice - William Aced It First!!)

3rd place - Mark Bieri - 18 Points

(All But The Bonus - I never thought this score would fall!)

3rd place - Katy Brideau - 18 Points

(The last great score to be compiled!)